“Charles never ceases to amaze me,” Noah remarked.

(“Well anyway, no thanks for any coffee. Quick call and I’m gone.”)

 Realizing that she is surrounded by three tables of parents and ‘active’ children, Meredith decides to move to a table toward the back of the cafe. Noah answers his cell phone on the fifth ring. Although not at all thrilled with the overall total of Charlie’s proposal, Noah couldn’t help but be impressed by the refusal of fees and the addition of compensation to the victims.

“Charles never ceases to amaze me,” Noah remarked, as he gave his blessing.

 Meredith types a quick congratulatory email to Charlie announcing the good, and somewhat surprising reaction by Noah. Catching herself smiling again, she turned off her iPad, waived to Molly and headed outside to her golf cart. She will be about 10 minutes late.


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