“I now complete the costs for “Capture Equipment” and “Transport of lions”

(“I’ll take Makali and we’ll go below and start searching for the foot snares and some of the other gear. Ok, Makali?” Miles asked.)

“Yes, Bwana Miles.” As they stand to leave. 

I press the “On” button to awaken my laptop. The proposal is still minimized, so I easily open it back up so I can edit the data. With my new information, I now complete the costs for “Capture Equipment” and “Transport of lions”, then calculate the new total.


Man-Eaters of Masai Mara

Capture and Transport of Three Lions 

Cost Proposal (US dollars)


Dr. Charles Henley $0.00

Miles Peterson $0.00

Masomakali Jabali (Makali) $1000.00 and 10 cows for Jabali Tribe

Benga Jabali 500.00 and 5 cows for Jabali Tribe


Total       $1,500.00 15 cows



Food and supplies $25,000.00

Permits/Licenses 00.00

Capture equipment 500.00 *** cages are provided @ no cost

Transport of lions $50,000.00

Memorial fund for Opopo family $50,000.00

Memorial fund for Asst. Ogwambi $50,000.00

Memorial fund for Amer. family $50,000.00

Memorial fund for endangered tribes 0.00  25 cows each tribe (4 tribes = 100)





Total $226,500


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