“We can pick up the trapping gear tomorrow as we pass through Kericho.”

(“We don’t run the risk of the lion not triggering the trap and missing the opportunity.”)

“Wow, like that idea. Ya’ know we have one trap, and probably 10 foot snares. The cage is not radio controlled, though.”

“Gotcha covered, Mate. Peter and I already set it up. He’s got a contact with exactly what we need. I’ve called him, and it is done deal. We can pick up the trapping gear tomorrow as we pass through Kericho. His friend is a local veterinarian, and he is going to lend the cages to us. We will have to buy the darting syringes and serum. I have two rifles, so we are good there,” Miles proudly replied.

“Would this friend be Dr. Jacob Longo?” I asked.

“Yes, Chuck. Should have guessed. Ya’ know each other? Mates, I hope?”

“Yeah, he’s a great guy. We’ve done some work together. Will be good to ask him what he’s heard about the simbas. Nice work, Miles.”

“You bet. The cages are free, unless we damage one of them. The darts and serum will cost $500.”

“Outstanding! I now have the data I need to update my cost proposal. Let’s take a break, so I can revise my email and get it sent to Meredith. Great work guys,” as I moved over to my laptop.

“I’ll take MakaliĀ and we’ll go below and start searching for the foot snares and some of the other gear. Ok, Makali?” Miles asked.

“Yes, Bwana Miles.” As they stand to leave.


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