“Wawili chui, (two leopard) Bwana. Near water.”

(…the soothing sounds of crickets and tree frogs is beginning to fill the air.)

 Opening my eyes, I look down to see if I can spot Miles and Makali. The fearless duo are not to be seen, but I do see a lone waterbuck catching a drink on the far side of the water. He looks too calm for there to be a leopard very close. He’d be more cautious and jumpy. I guess, I’m the one cautious and jumpy. I hear Miles and Makali entering from inside the lodge. I head back inside and close the sliding door.

 “Hey, welcome back. Nini kuona (what did you see)?”

“Wawili chui, (two leopard) Bwana. Near water.”

“Two?” I exclaimed.

“Yes, two set of tracks near the waterhole, Chuck. They were leading away from the Lodge, but they were fresh,” Miles added.

“Safi (fresh) tracks, Makali?” I asked.

“Yes, Bwana. One, maybe two hour. Kuuawa tumbili (killed monkey).”


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