“A second deep breath, and a second slow exhale…. I need to unwind.”

I walk over to the balcony railing that faces the waterhole. Placing both hands on the railing, I close my eyes and take a deep breath … then exhale slowly. A second deep breath, and a second slow exhale. I need to unwind. I need to clear my mind. I’m so glad I got the call to Linda Bridges done. How very horrible. Keeping my eyes closed, I let my senses take over. The sun is now setting below the trees and the temperature has dropped about 10 degrees. My endeared vantage point is now engulfed in shadows. I feel the cool wind on my face and I hear the leaves rustling in the large flat top acacia tree next to the balcony. Listening “deeper”, I clearly hear the familiar song of the warblers and the distant sound of a flock of Egyptian geese, probably down by the waterhole. With the coming of darkness, the soothing sounds of crickets and tree frogs is beginning to fill the air.


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