“It’s simba time, Jacob,…..”

I take a shot glass and a half empty bottle of Jack Daniels from the cabinet near the sink. Two quick shots. Now I’m ready to move on and call my friend Jacob and reserve the camper. His number is saved in my cell phone directory. I find and touch “dial” as I walk to the balcony door. He answers on the third ring.

 “Good afternoon, Safari Rentals.”

“Howdy Jacob. Charles Henley here.”

“Jambo Chuck, nini kinatokea (what’s happening)?”

“It’s simba time, Jacob,” as I open the sliding door and step outside. “We are preparing to leave to hunt the three lions I told you about. I need to rent that camper.”

“The Nissan truck or the motor home?”

“The motor home. We voted and decided it will be smart to have the safety of the motor home. That does have a trailer hitch?”

“Yep, sure does. I agree, the motor home will keep you more safe. Goin’ to pull a vehicle?”

“Going to pull my Rover. Miles will follow in his truck. We need to be mobile. The camper will be our base camp.”


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