“The lion came from no where.”

“They are seven. They’re twins. They have been so upset, I hope they can be ok in school today.”

“I have a daughter, and I just can’t imagine what they and you have experienced. How gruesome and terrifying. Again, my heart goes out to you. I’m so sorry.”

“What do you need to ask, Mr. Henley?” she asked.

“Right, sorry. Briefly, we believe the lions that attacked and killed your husband is the same pride that is responsible for at least six or seven killings. They are confirmed man-eaters. I know it’s painful, but can you tell me how many lions, and anything descriptive you might remember?”

“Yes, I’ll try. There were three lions, one male and two female. The male lion was the first to jump my husband. The two female came in together, just seconds behind the male. I think Michael was already dead.”

“Do I understand that you had some car trouble and he was standing outside the car?”

“Yes. We had just finished a driving tour of Masai Mara and suddenly had a flat tire. Michael was driving, and pulled over to change the tire. He got out and was kneeling next to the car. The lion came from no where. Oh, my Michael!” she cried.

“Oh, so sorry. Do you remember anything about the male lion that would help? We need to find the lions, but I need to be certain they are the same three lions.”


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