“Makali, nini wewe kufikiri (what are you thinking)?”

Hakuna bia (no beer),” Makali added, laughing.

“There are some chips and nuts in the cabinet by the fridge, if you want some.”

“Ok, I’ll grab ’em. You need a glass for your brew, mate?” Miles asked from the kitchen.

“No, I’ll just rough it. Did ya’ find the bottles of cold water for Makali.”

“Yep, found ’em”. 

Miles walks back to the table. He sets down the beer, water, and snacks. As he sits down, he reaches for a handful of peanuts.

I notice Makali has a ‘distant’ look in his eyes.

 “Makali, nini wewe kufikiri (what are you thinking)?”

“Pia utulivu (too quiet), Bwana. Not used to inside. Through glass, me see outside, but no hear outside.”


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