“The victims’ name was Bridges, Michael Bridges.”

“Do you know how to contact her?” Miles asked as he takes another bite of sandwich.

“All I know is from the newspaper article. The victims’ name was Bridges, Michael Bridges.”

“Chuck, I’ve got a good friend who works at the paper. I’ll call her in a few minutes and see if I can get some contact information.”

“Well, sounds like a ‘girl’ friend, Miles. Is it fair to say, a ‘close’ friend?”

“Close? Yes, but not too close,” Miles replied in a laugh.

“If close enough to give us some information, then that would be great. If you tell her we are doing this under the orders of the Kenyan government, that should help.”

“I’ll call her after we finish this meeting,” Miles said.

“Makali, do you agree that we should visit at least three of the killing sites and ask questions and look around for clues?” I asked.

“Yes, Bwana K.”


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