“Hatari kubwa (big danger) Bwana K.”

I think Makali’ got it. Anyway, we are to ship the killers to the San Diego Zoo for her to study them and help find out what turns a lion into a man-eater.”

“Hatari kubwa (big danger) Bwana K.”

“Yes, ‘Bright Eyes’. That’s why I need you to understand what we are expected to do, and ask you if you are ok with the danger. Do you understand, and are you aware of danger, my friend? Mnaelewa (understand)?”

“Yes, Bwana. Mimi kwenda na wewe (I will go with you).”

“Asante rafiki (thank you, friend). Kenya is paying for this, Makali, and I am asking for you to be paid $1,000 US dollars and 10 head of cattle for your tribe. Sound fair?”

“Yes, Bwana, nzuri sana (very good).”


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