“Nitanywa Fanta Orange, tafadhali (I’ll drink Fanta Orange, please).”

“Miles, want a Coke?”

“Yes, great.”

“Makali, nywa (drink)?”

“Nitanywa Fanta Orange, tafadhali (I’ll drink Fanta Orange, please).”

“Of course. You know, that sounds good. Think I’ll join ya’.”

 After completing two round trips from the kitchen, my guests had their banquet of lunch meat and soda placed before them.

 “Makali, the meat in your sandwich is chicken. You will eat chicken?”

“Ndiyo (yes) Bwana. Asante (thanks).”

“You’re welcome.  Miles you can choose between ham or turkey.”

“Ham, I guess. Thanks.”

“Ok, let’s get down to business.”


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