“All the maulings seem to be in the same area, close to Lolgorien.”

Closing the door behind us, we join Makali in the “great room”.

 “Guys, before we sit down, come over here and let’s look at the map together,” I asked. “Makali, tafadhali angalia (please look).”

“Yes, Bwana.”

“You’ll see I have put push pins in the approximate locations were the lion killings have taken place. All the maulings seem to be in the same area, close to Lolgorien. Both the Opopo and the recent tourist attack were right about here, just to the east of town, toward the Doinya Loongarya Escarpement. The villages that we know were attacked, are these red pins, just north of Uregi.”

“Charles, you know we may discover that there have been more attacks than we realize,” Miles added.

“Eeh, Bwana. Zaidi mauaji (Yes, more killings).”

“Yes, Makali. We must stop it now,” I said. “Let’s sit and do some planning. I made some sandwiches. Let me grab those and I’ll meet you at the table. Miles, want a Coke?”


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