“Charles. See any of your monkey friends this morning?”

As Miles and Makali headed upstairs, I returned to my computer and opened my documents to the “cost proposal” I had started. I printed three copies so we could review it together. Miles was the first to return to the second floor table.

 “I just love this view, Charles. See any of your monkey friends this morning?”

“Yes, some colobus were playing in the trees just off the balcony. Some bush babies were near my Rover this morning as I left to go to the store for some lunch supplies. They screamed and almost gave me a heart attack.”

“Oh yes, the brave Bwana K. Would you mind if I go out on the balcony?”

“No, of course not. Here take this cost proposal I’ve started with you. I need your input.”

“Ok, and by the way, we saw some buffs on the way in. How long have they been around?”

“Yeah, saw them too, It’s the first time I’ve seen them on the ranch.”


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