“Hujambo mighty warriors..”

I hear Miles honk as he approaches the back of the Lodge.  Leaving my computer “open”, I head to the back door.  I can hear Miles and Makali laughing as I open the back door.

“Hujambo (hello) mighty warriors.  Welcome to the Lodge.”

“Sijambo (hello response),” Miles answered.

“Habari yako, (how are you) Makali?”

“Good, Bwana.  Me happy be here.”

“From your laughter, it sounds like there must have been some amount of fun along the way.  How was the swahili lesson, Miles?”

“Frustrating,” Miles answered.

“For who?”

“I think for both of us,” said Miles.

Shaking Makali’s hand, “Is he right, Bright Eyes?”

“Yes, Bwana.  Good english lesson for me.”

Patting Miles on the back, “Good to see you Miles.  Thanks for coming so quickly, and thanks for picking up Makali.”

“No worries, Mate.  Let’s get our stuff inside.”


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