I open the “man-eaters” folder and start a new document.

Knowing the guys could show up at any time now, I decide to set up my laptop on the main table over looking the balcony and press “on”. I open the “man-eaters” folder and start a new document.

Man-Eaters of Masai Mara

Capture and Transport of Three Lions 

Cost Proposal 


Dr. Charles Henley                    $0.00

Miles Peterson                            $0.00

Masomakali Jabali (Makali) $1000.00 and 10 cows for Jabali Tribe

Benga Jabali                                $500.00 and 5 cows for Jabali Tribe


                                                       $1,500.00      15 cows 


 Food and supplies                            $25,000.00

Permits/Licenses                                         00.00

Capture equipment                                 ?????? *** consult with Miles & confirm

Transport of lions                                    ?????? ***

Memorial fund for Opopo family      $50,000.00 (no debating)

Memorial fund for Amer. family      $50,000.00

Memorial fund for endangered tribes $0.00        25 cows each tribe


$75,000.00 (+ capture & transport)

 Total:      $76,500        and  40 cows


Well, this is a good beginning. I will consult with Miles regarding capture and transporting.

I hear a horn blast. The boys are here!


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