Miles will have about 3 quality hours to practice his swahili with Makali.


Miles is picking up Makali on his way to the Lodge. Makali lives with his family in a Masai village just north of the town of Narok, which is directly west of Nairobi, about 60 miles. Leaving Narok, the two will do a little “cross country”, taking the scenic route north, across the Mau Escarpement toward Nakuru. When they reach Nakuru, they will be only about an hour from the Lodge. Miles will have about 3 quality hours to practice his swahili with Makali.


 It’s about 11:15 am. Returning from the store in Marmanet, I enter the front gate of the ranch and begin the journey up the gravel road to the Lodge. About half way to the Lodge, there is another waterhole that is smaller than the main one behind the house. This one is also spring fed, so like the other one, the water level stays fairly constant. I have never found any hippo in the waterhole, but there is a small herd of elephant that have passed by once or twice. The waterhole is slightly off the main gravel road, and normally I always take a quick hike to see what there is to see. This morning I’d better get to the Lodge. The boys will be here soon. There are no new tracks on the road, so I know that they’re not here yet.


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