Instinctively, I fall to my knees raising my Judge in the direction of the noise.

Placing it in my right hand, I slowly open the back door. The use of caution is always well advised. More than once I have had “surprises” greet me in my back parking area. About a month ago, I almost stepped on a cobra that was sunning itself close to the back door. It is very common to have monkeys, baboons, and warthogs around the parking area. From recent tracks, I have confirmed that lion, leopard, and cheetah, are frequent visitors. With all of my thoughts and concerns that are filling my head right now, I admit that I might be a little bit jumpy.

The sun is in my face as I step through the door. Looking down, I confirm all is clear by the door. Blinded by the brightness, I reach into my jacket pocket for my sunglasses. Suddenly, there is a crashing of limbs, leaves and bushes followed by snorts, stomping, and an almost human squeal. Instinctively, I fall to my knees raising my Judge in the direction of the noise. With a smile, I notice my warthog family just scared the dickens out of a flock of guinea fowl that were around my rover. I just love my life!


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