Bwana K’s Journal.. Weird dream last night…

I  was startled awake about 6:45 by what I think was a loud pied crow.  The pied crow is similar in appearance and sound to the magpie in the US.  I was having a weird dream about some girl I met at a club I used to frequent in San Diego.  As I recall, Meredith was also at the club and we were all sitting together at the same table.  The weird part was that Meredith seemed happy that I picked up this girl at the club and kept telling me to kiss her.  I have no idea where that dream came from or where it was going.  Probably a good thing that I was awakened.

Got up, took a quick shower, but no shave.  Putting on some khaki pants , an old Sea World t-shirt, and my boots, I head down to the kitchen to make some coffee.   Being in a hurry, this morning I just microwave some water and make instant coffee.  I have found a local blend of Blue Mountain coffees that is still pretty good, even as an instant.  There is no milk in the house, so with 2 bags of sugar, I’m good. 

I slide open the door to the balcony and step out and greet the new day.


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