“Well, OK. I’m coming, and I’m bringing Hell with me.”

It had rained during the night, so I couldn’t find any good tracks, but I suspect leopard. So, at night, I don’t usually spend much time on the balcony.

Tonight is no exception. I sip my scotch as I stand and stare out the sliding glass door. I suddenly realize that the soft rain has ended and the full moon is peaking through the clouds. The moonlight is illuminating my hunting  map that is pinned to the wall opposite the kitchen. Feeling drawn by the glow off its’ plastic coating, I somehow  find myself standing in front of the map almost hypnotized. Suddenly, the sudden sound of the wind outside, snaps me back to reality, and I’m startled to see that the eerie glow is coming from only one small section on the map, the squared region that is Masai Mara. A wave of chills run up my spine.

“Man-eaters of Masai Mara, are you calling me? Well, OK. I’m coming, and I’m bringing Hell with me.”

I finish my last swallow, put the glass on the table by the stairs, turn off all but the light over the kitchen sink, and head upstairs. Tomorrow is going to be a good day.


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