“Monkeys are a favorite snack for simba, by the way.”

There is a “wild” side to my Lodge.  Don’t forget where we are.  The Kifaru Ranch is just north of Thomson’s Falls near Marmanet.  At approximately 8100′ elevation, the scenery is beautiful, but this is rural Kenya.  Around the water hole below, I have found both lion and leopard tracks.  The Lodge itself is surrounded by large acacia trees and  both white and black colobus monkeys are frequent visitors.  Monkeys are a favorite snack for simba, by the way. 

The second floor balcony is my favorite place in the world, however, it’s not like sunbathing on your deck in San Diego.  You literally do have to “watch your back”.  The second story level can be easily reached by climbing up one of several trees.  Two weeks ago, during my last trip, I found a partially eaten baboon on the balcony.  It had rained during the night, so I couldn’t find any good tracks, but I suspect leopard. So, I don’t usually spend too much time on the balcony after dark.


One Comment

  1. LOVE the monkey story………………..you’re in the food chain outdoors anywhere there.
    Do they taste like chicken???????


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