The first floor of the Lodge is mainly the “great room”.

With the light on, I am quickly reminded of how much time I didn’t spend cleaning after the last visit about 2 weeks ago. In the morning, that will be one more chore to complete before the boys get here. 

The first floor of the Lodge is mainly the “great room”.  Entering from the back door porch brings you right into the back of this main living area.  The kitchen area is off to the left, about half way through the room.  It is separated only by a high counter that has 5 stools for casual dining.  There is a larger dining table in the second half of the room, with a beautiful view through a wide sliding glass door.  There are large “picture” windows on both sides of the sliding door.  I don’t think I’ve ever pulled the curtains closed that I had installed when the house was built.  It’s not like there are any nearby neighbors to peek in on what I’m doing.  Well, no human neighbors anyway.  Yes, there are more than a few hunting trophies on the wall and a few “mementos” scattered around the room.  Through the sliding glass doors is the magnificent  balcony I’ve mentioned before.  It’s 30 ft. by 30 ft. and has an incredible view.  The Lodge sits on the top of a ridge that overlooks a very well used waterhole and an absolute outstanding view of the Kenyan Highlands.


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