Bwana K’s Journal “Finally.. Home Sweet Home.”

Saturday 12:12am   51 degrees

I had to stop driving and writing at same time… too dark and getting too dangerous.  Finally, I enter the front gate to the “Bwana Lodge.”  I drive slowly up the long gravel road and pull into the dirt parking area behind the house.  I will finish my notes inside.  My “auto sensor” outdoor light on the back of the house is working, fortunately.  Even though danger is what I do, on a daily basis, I still feel a little nervous about walking in total darkness to the back door.  I am north of Thomson’s Falls and in the middle of a well animal populated region.  There are certainly animals with “teeth” around here.  My “ranch” is about 900 acres, and the lodge sits in the back of the the property overlooking a well visited waterhole.  I’m not close to the main road.

Holding my loaded  Taurus Judge in my right hand, I grab my notes, cell phone, Ipod, and jacket with my left.  I turn off the Rover, open the door, and walk straight toward the lighted porch at the back door. Still a light rain, and I forgot my hat.  I’ll go back for it in the morning.  I quickly unlock the door, flip the light switch, and step inside.  Home sweet home!!


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