Bwana K’s Journal.. “Almost there”

Friday 11:30pm  Rain and 52 degrees

Continuing to rain..maybe a little harder now.  Almost to ‘Lodge’.  Reality has sunk-in.. with Miles and Makali coming tomorrow, I bet I need some basic food/drink supplies.  I haven’t been to ‘Lodge’ for about 2 weeks.  The only so-called store isn’t open this late.  I’ll have to go in morning before they arrive..  This rain will wash away some of the tracks I was hoping to find.  Maybe it’s not raining near Lolgorien.

About 15 more miles to Lodge.  Wow.. someones’ cow was on the side of the road.  It’s so dark!  That could have been an unexpected event.  I better quit writing and pay closer attention.   Note to myself:  need to replace wipers on Rover.


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