“Oh, my God. Kill number six.”


Reaching up, I turn off the reading light, fold the newspaper, and place it on the passenger seat.
“Oh, my God. Kill number six. We’ve got to end this!” I exclaimed out loud.
Buckling my seatbelt, I back out of my parking spot near the store. Turning on the headlights, I pull back onto the road and head west into the darkness.
My head is filled with thoughts and concerns. I take out a spiral notebook that I keep in the middle console and turn on the reading light above the passenger seat. The light is not distracting and I can see the pages well enough to take some notes. I start thinking to myself.
“Fortunately, I keep plenty of extra clothes and gear at the Lodge. We need to get on the trail of these lions immediately, I don’t have time to return to my apartment. The paper said the lions were near Lolgorien two days ago. Looks like they are staying in the same general area and not roaming too far. I’ll see what Miles and Makali think, but it makes sense to go to that location first and look for any data and clues that can help us.”

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