“Tourist killed by lions near Lolgorien”.

“Tourist killed by lions near Lolgorien”. 

“Oh my God! Another one,” to myself. “Bei gani?” (how much) I ask.

“100 shillings, Bwana”

I pay for the water and the paper. I will wait to read the story in my Rover.

“Asante, usiku mwema,” (thank you, good night) I said, walking toward the door.

“Asante sana, Bwana, salaam safari.” (safe journey) 

Walking to the car, the quiet night sky is filled with gnats that are attracted by the lights in the parking area. There must be hundreds on my Rover. Quickly opening my door, I jump in, close the door, and start the engine. Locking the doors, I turn on the inside reading light over the drivers’ seat. Reaching into my glove box I take my bottle of often needed hand sanitizer and squirt a worthy amount into my hands. I rub my hands together, then put the bottle away. Holding the paper under the light, I begin to read the story.


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