“Iko wapi bafu, tafadhali?” (where is bathroom, please)


Around here, stopping along side the road, in the dark, to take a leak is not a good idea. Slowing down, I park in the lighted area near the gas pump and hurry inside.


To the store attendant, “Hujambo, Habari ya jioni?” (Hello, how are you this evening?)
“Sijambo. Nzuri, asante Bwana.” (Hello, fine thanks, sir)
“Iko wapi bafu, tafadhali?” (where is bathroom, please)
“Huko,” (over there) pointing toward the back of the store.
“Asante sana.” (thanks) 

After finishing my duties, I zip my pants and turn to use the sink. As I often find in these little gas stations in the middle of nowhere, there is a sink, but no running water.




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