Bwawa’s Journal Friday 9:00 pm

**Introducing “Bwana’s Daily Journal” **

Driving from Mount Kenya Safari Club to Lodge.  Full moon tonight.  I’m about 15 miles on the west side of Nanyuki, still more than one hour from the Lodge.  Something the size of a dog just ran across in front of me.  I don’t think it was a dog!  My father always said, “full moon tonight…. the deer are out feeding”.  Around here, there is always something out there feeding on what ever is out there feeding, and so on.   Know what I mean?  The whole food chain thing. 

Anyway, too much coffee, need a quick “pit stop”.  Petro station ahead and looks to be still open.  Around here, stopping along side the road, in the dark, to take a leak….not a good idea.

Ok, back on the road..  More planning.


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