“Bill, I’ll get them. As God is my witness, I’ll get them!”

Alone in the ‘Rover’ for two hours provides some much needed thinking time. Sipping his coffee, the reality of the situation becomes reality again. “I am knowingly and purposely putting myself and at least three others in real, life threatening, danger. I’ve committed my team to search for and capture three man-eating lions that have killed at least 6 to 7 times, probably more. I admit that maybe I jumped into this party before I fully thought it through. First, my assumption could be wrong. What if it’s not the same lions doing the killing? It has to be, right? But what if it’s two different groups of lion? That will be the first order of business. Secondly, assuming it is the one pride of three hunting together, we’ve got to find them based on whatever we can derive from their behavior. We’ve got a fairly large area to cover. Thirdly, capture three killers. How? Use cages, traps, darts? A combination, maybe? I’ll have to rely on Myles and his recommendations. Then, lastly, I’ve got to arrange some safe way to transport these killers to San Diego so my wife, and now my daughter, can be added to the danger. Holy shit..! What was I thinking?” Remembering his friend Dr. Opopo, he takes the last sip of his now cold coffee, tears form in his eyes. “Bill, I’ll get them. As God is my witness, I’ll get them!”


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