“Oh my, Bwana K! Three killer simba. Big hatari (danger), Bwana. Big hatari.”

Makali answered on the fifth ring, “Hujambo. (hello)”

“Hujambo, Makili. Habari ya jioni? (how are you this evening?)”

“Oh, shikamoo (hello to one of authority), Bwana. Shikamoo. Nzuri, Ukoje? (fine, how are you?)”

“I’m fine, my friend, marahabaa (acknowledging respect). Sorry to bother you tonight. Are you at your village?”

“Yes, Bwana. Everything ok?”

“Yes. I know we are suppose to be not working for the next few days, but there has been a change in plans, and I need you.”

“Ok Bwana. Ok, what need?”

“Kenya has asked me to hunt and capture the three man-eaters and send them to the U.S. for a behavior study.”

“Oh my, Bwana K! Three killer simba. Big hatari (danger), Bwana. Big hatari.”

“Yes, Makali. Big hatari, but they must be stopped. I told them I would do this, Makali. I need your help.”

“Ok, no worries, Bwana K. I can find simba. Me help.”


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