“Did you have your call to the States?”

Charles picks up his glass, takes a long finishing sip, turns and walks back into the lounge.  As he approaches the bar, “Mohammad, moja nyingine, tafadhali?” (one more, please.)

“Ndiyo (yes), Bwana K,” Mohammad said with a smile. “Did you have your call to the States?”

“Yes, and Meredith says hello to you,” he replied, taking the glass from Mohammad.  “Maisha marefu, (cheers). Thank you for always being so thoughtful.”

“Karibu (your welcome),” Mohammad nodded. “Glad you are with us this evening. Anything else?”

“I’ve got a little more work to do before you close,” Charles said, finishing his scotch. “In a few minutes, bring me a cup of coffee, please. I do need to drive home later.”

“Will do, Bwana K,” Mohammad replied.


One Comment

  1. Cheers back to Bwana K…………story and characters are GREAT!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the whole book…….


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