“This will be like the Super Bowl of game captures,” Charles said.

“That is good news, that you’ll do it. Who do you think needs to help you?” she asked.

“Obviously, I need to spend some time thinking through the whole plan, but for sure Myles, Makali, and my 2nd tracker, Benga. Myles actually has more ‘big 5’ capture experience than I do. In my opinion, Makali and Benga are the best trackers in Africa. We not only have to find these three killers, but we have to be able to be certain they are the right lions. Then we have to capture these man-eaters without them killing us. This will be like the Super Bowl of game captures,” Charles said.

“Doesn’t sound like anything that Bwana Kifaru can’t handle,” Meredith said smiling at the camera.

“Yeah, funny. Did Noah say anything about how he expects them to be transported to California?” he asked.

“No, he didn’t say. I guess he’ll follow your lead on that,” she answered.

“Well, ok. Tell him that I’ll outline a game plan and email it to you tomorrow. I will cancel my next hunt to allow time for this,” he said.


One Comment

  1. SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool, rah rah rah…………….GREAT story line. Keep it up!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!


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