“So he wants me to capture 3 man-eaters..?”

“So Noah wants me to risk my life attempting to capture 3 man-eaters?  Is that right?” Charles asked.

“Charlie, you know you can do it.  Danger and intrigue are two of your favorite attractions.  You have captured many lions before.  Just think what this could do for your reputation,” Meredith added.

“Well my reputation is doing ok, but I admit the adventure would be great fun.  Is Noah offering to foot the bill?” he asked.

“Yes, Kenya will cover all the costs, including the research portion here in San Diego.  He wants to know your fee,” she said.

“Meredith, Dr. Opopo was a friend I mine and yours.  I have dined with his family in Nairobi. You and I know his wife Helen.  Frankly I was considering tracking down these killers to revenge Bill’s death anyway.” Charles said.  “You can tell Noah that I’ll do it, but not for him damn it, but for our friend Bill Opopo.  And you tell him I’ll do it just for my expenses.  I don’t want any fees for me,”  he added almost crying.




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