A familiar voice answered on the 2nd ring.

 She knows his cell phone will recognize her number in caller ID.

  “Ok, Charlie. Let’s see if I get lucky this time,” she says out loud as she presses ‘send’.

  A familiar voice answered on the 2nd ring.

 “Well, hello Meredith. Good timing. I was thinking about calling you tonight or tomorrow,” Charles said. “How are you? Everything alright?” he asked.

 “Yes, hello and all is fine. Just have a couple of things to talk to you about. Where are you? Are you on safari?” Meredith asked.

 “No, not on hunt this week. However, I am just finishing dinner with a prospective client, as we speak. We are at one of your favorite places to eat in the whole world, Mount Kenya Safari Club. As a matter of fact, the Manager, Mohammad, asked about you,” he said.

 “Oh yes, tell him hi for me,” she said. “I don’t want to interrupt your meeting. Can you call me back later tonight? I need to discuss Claire’s graduation and a Zoo proposition,” Meredith asked.

 “Yeah, sure can.” he answered.


One Comment

  1. Good, better each day………….LOVE the MT KENYA SAFARI CLUB……………Love your characters…..


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