“There you are Momma Bear,..”

 “Why thank you Meredith. Thank you for making my morning. Bye,” Martha added.

 Placing her mug into the holder in her cart, she backs up about 5 feet, waves again to Martha, and heads about 100 yards to the panda compound. Parking her cart on the east side of the Panda Research Center, she grabs her key chain and clipboard, then unlocks and enters the side ’employee only’ door. From the inside observation window she should be close enough to be able to make a quick visual check on Momma Panda.

 “There you are Momma Bear,” she said out loud, as if the bear could hear her through the glass. “And yes, you look great this morning. I’ll ask Dr. Hart for his report later. Bye, gotta go,” hurrying back to the cart.


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