” Here is my travel mug. Fill’er up, please,” she added.

Do you need your usual?” asked Martha.

“Well, I was trying my best to just keep on driving, but couldn’t resist the wonderful aroma of your special coffee,” Meredith answered ,walking toward the window from her cart. “What am I smelling?”

“What you are smelling is a brand new blend that came in last night from Asia. It is called Rainforest, and since we are next to the ‘Panda Center’, it seems very appropriate, don’t you think?” Martha asked.

“Oh, yes, but you know it should be considered unfair advertising to allow that freshly brewed coffee smell to just float around on the morning breeze and attack our unsuspecting visitors like this”, Meredith said smiling. “Yes, I’d love some. Here is my travel mug. Fill’er up, please,” she added.

“Two sugars and extra cream, right?” Martha asked.

“Yes, thanks for remembering. Have you seen Dr. Hart this morning?” Meredith asked.

“Here ya’ go,” handing her the filled travel mug. “He came by about an hour ago. He came from the direction of ‘Panda Canyon’, so I think he has already made his morning visit,” Martha said.


One Comment

  1. MMMMMMMMMM I can smell the coffee. Altho I prefer Rooibos tea……………..Enjoying this. Want the whole book tho.


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