“..and by the way Nattie, he’s not your type.”

“Man-eaters?” Nattie exclaimed.

“Yes, it’s reported they hunted, killed, and devoured their human prey. The Kenyan Minister would like the lions captured and sent to our zoo to study,” Meredith replied.

“Oh, my God. How horrible. It would be so very interesting, though. Also exciting business for the Zoo,” Nattie added.

“Well, we did a similar study with two leopards a few years ago, and I have been to Kenya and Tanzania several times to consult with the Wildlife Ministry regarding rouge lion behavior. It can be scary and dangerous work,” Meredith said. The other part of the adventure is that they want me to contact my ex-husband, Charles, and talk him into leading the lion capture and transport,” she added.

“Oh my,” Nattie said with a little sparkle in her eyes. The real Bwana Kifaru? You think he’ll do it, Meredith?”

“I’ve never known him to turn down an adventure, specially one with some intrigue and danger. There is 10 hours difference in time. I’m going to back to my office now and try to reach him. Problem is, I don’t know where he is. He could be in Nairobi, or he may be on safari. I’ll probably try his cell phone first.” Meredith said.

“Well, good luck. How exciting. Bwana Kifaru,” Nattie said smiling.

“We’ll see, and by the way Nattie, he’s not your type. See you after lunch. Goodbye Ricky, goodbye Lucy,” Meredith said, turning away.

“Ok, see you after lunch. Good luck with your call, and thanks again for your input on Lucy,” Nattie said, waving goodbye.


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