“Man-eaters?” Nattie exclaimed.

Want to continue with me?” Nattie asked.

“Well, speaking of that empty cage area, we may have some very interesting and dangerous inhabitants.,” Meredith interjected.

“What do you mean, dangerous,?” Nattie asked.

“Before joining you this morning, I received a phone call from the Kenyan Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Noah Mwangi,” Meredith said,

“Oh, I remember Minister Mwangi. We have worked with him before. When these four lions were captured in Kenya two years ago, he visited the Zoo to witness their release into captivity. I think he received an award,” Nattie said.

“Yes, we honored him for his commitment to conservation. Anyway, you may have read recent stories in the paper or on the internet, there have been some recent lion maulings in Kenya. It is believed that the same pride of three lions is responsible for the attack and death of at least five people,” Meredith said.

 “Man-eaters?” Nattie exclaimed.


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  1. Oh, yeah…………….getting really really interesting…………….LOVE maneaters………MORE MORE!!!


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