“That cut area looks good. It is healing well.”

 Who is their zookeeper right now?” she asked.

 “Steve Evans just got promoted and is watching over all four lions. Why?” Nattie asked.

 “I’d like you to commend him for me. The cage areas look fantastic. Tell him, well done,” Meredith said with a smile.

 “I sure will. He has been working extra hard to do a good job. Ricky seems to have taken a real liking to him. Look, Lucy is close enough for you to see her, Natalie said.

 “Yes, I see. Good job, Dr. Huffman. That cut area looks good. It is healing well. I remember you said it was a deep,” Meredith said.

 “Thank you. I think she cut herself on the fence somewhere. Steve has been trying to find a jagged edge somewhere along the perimeter fence that adjoins the empty cage area next door, or possibly in their sleeping area,” Nattie said.

 “Well, it is healing nicely. Our little lady will be pretty again. I recommend that you keep her on her special diet for ten more days. Keep doing all you can to avoid infection. Again, well done,” Meredith said.

 “Thank you, Coach. Want to continue with me?” Nattie asked.


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