“How are Fred and Ethel this morning?”

 “Good morning, Meredith,” Natalie said.

 “And a good morning to you, Nattie. How are Fred and Ethel this morning?” Meredith answered.

 “Oh, they are doing greater than great this morning. I think you will want to give Ethel a closer examination. I think she and Fred may be expecting, ” Nattie said.

 “Oh, Oh, yes that is wonderful news. I will schedule her tomorrow for an exam. Have you visited our other resident simbas?” Meredith asked.

 “No, do you have time to go with me? Natalie asked.

 “Yes, you bet. I would be disappointed if I had missed both couples. Let’s go,” Meredith answered.

 “Good, I’d like you to check the cut on Lucy’s left side. I bandaged it like you suggested for two weeks. I removed the bandage yesterday and put her on a special medicine treated diet to combat possible infection,” Nattie said.

 “Ok, let’s walk over to the inside observation area and see what we can see,” Meredith answered.

 “By the way,” Meredith continued. “Who is their zookeeper right now?” she asked.


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