There are two male and female couples in the lion area.


Her path takes her by the ‘Outback’ section. She waves to Mrs. Kangaroo and her new baby. The koala bear is in its’ tree and visible from the walkway. Entering ‘Africa Rocks’, she drives past the ‘Elephant Care Center’ and parks her cart near the lion enclosure. There are two male and female couples in the lion area. Meredith has named the first two, Fred and Ethel. Her favorites are the other two, Ricky and Lucy. Lucy has a reddish mane and is always doing something silly. They have two cubs, both female. She remembers that it has been two years since Charlie capture these four lions in the Northern Frontier area of Kenya. They have adapted well to ‘city life’ and are very good residents of the neighborhood. These three rouge lions, if they can be captured, will be the complete opposite. The San Diego Zoo is well known for its’ commitment to game conservation and ecology. A study of this kind of predator behavior will require its’ own designated area, separated from the other lions. The Government of Kenya will bare most of the expense, at least that will be the story to sell to the Board of Directors. The Board has always been willing to work with Kenya, and after all, she is the Chairman of the Board. Meredith spots one of the Zoo’s Assistant Veterinarians, Dr. Natalie Huffman. She has already checked on Fred and Ethel, and waves hello.


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