One would call her ‘pleasantly attractive’.

 For age 43, she gives the initial impression of someone in her mid 30’s. Thanks to her weekly regiment of exercise and her seldom wavering resistance to the always nearby funnel cakes , she has managed to retain her slender college figure. One would call her ‘pleasantly attractive’. Walking back across the hall to her office, she quickly finishes her coffee. From the table near the window, she picks up her sun glasses, her clip board, her 2-way radio, her park key chain, and heads down the hallway to the door leading to her golf cart parked just outside her office. Stepping out into the sunshine, her senses are immediately filled with the sounds and smells of the morning. Her office is in the main administration building near the front entrance to the zoo. The park is not open yet, but the slight morning breeze is already carrying the wonderful smell of fresh breads and pastries. The ‘Safari Kitchen’ is cooking up a storm. The happy monkey cries and nearby flamingo calls make her smile. In the distance she hears a jackal barking. Putting on her matching red cap to control her long brunette hair, she starts the cart and pulls onto the walkway. 

 “Oh how I love this time of day,” she thinks.


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