Ogwambi’s last vision was the massive male coming for his face.

The male immediately was on him from his right grabbing him by the throat and breaking his neck. 

In horror, Ogwambi didn’t see, or hear, the other female as she leaped from behind. Knocking him down, she threw him to one side by his shoulder. Trying to get up, the female was on his back. Ogwambi’s last vision was the massive male coming for his face. The huge simba tossed Ogwambi’s detached head into the bushes. It was quick. It was easy. 

 Their colleagues didn’t come search for them until late the next afternoon. The Dr. and has assistant had not returned to the ranch headquarters that morning as expected, and had not answered the radio calls. Dr. Apopo had a given pretty good location the night before. The circling vultures made the final part of the search easy. All they found was clothing fragments, the partial torso of Dr. Opopo, and the head of Ogwambi. The look of horror was still on his face.


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