It’s a full moon and there is very little wind.

 It’s a full moon and there is very little wind. February is often the warmest month in Kenya, and today has been unusually warm. Dr. William Apopo is a Field Veterinarian working out of Nairobi for the Ministry of Livestock. His job is to support the implementation of the Drought Management Initiatives Program in this region of Kenya. For the last two days he has been working near the town of Lolgorien with some local ranchers. Lolgorien is about 13 miles north of the Tanzania border and sits just off the west edge of the Doinya Loongarya Escarpement. The animal prolific Masai Mara Game Reserve is just on the other side of the Escarpment. It is now dusk and he and his assistant, Ogwambi, are too far from the ranch headquarters to return tonight. Fortunately they are prepared and have food, water, and supplies. They will have to camp for the night.


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