“Oh my. Yes that is the biggest we’ve ever bagged.”

 We finish the main meal. Bryce tells us a few of his funny hunting stories. As we are finishing our cake, Makali comes to the front entrance and asks for permission to enter.  

“Enter, Bwana?” Makali asked. 

“Of course, Bright Eyes. You know I’ve told you’re always welcome, and don’t need to ask permission,” I said.

 “Ndio, Bwana, asante sana (thank you very much),” he replied.

 “Did you weigh tusks?” I asked.

 “Yes, Bwana K. 115 and 122 pound, Bwana,” he said with a big grin.

 “Oh my. Yes that is the biggest we’ve ever bagged. Well done, Tom,” I said.

 “Only about 5 pounds from the record book,” Bryce added.

 “Really? Oh my, thank you Makali. Asante sana,” Tom said.

 “Karibu (you’re welcome),” Makali answered. “I make bracelet for you from hair on tail. It give you strength and courage,” he added. 

“Oh my. Thank you so much,” Tom said, as he put the bracelet on his right wrist.

 “Karibu, Bwana,” Makali replied. 

 As Makali turns to leave, we all stand and thank Modjaji again for the wonderful meal.


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