“All right, let’s have some kudu stew,” I said.

 Our trackers will confirm the weight for us in a few minutes. You may have bagged the biggest bull we’ve ever seen in this region of Kenya. So, raise your glasses gents. To Bwana Tom,” I toasted.

 “To Bwana Tom,” they all repeated.

 “Thank you, Charles, and thank you too, Miles and Bryce,” Tom said.

 “You’re welcome,” they answered together.

 “All right, let’s have some kudu stew,” I said.

 “It’s really excellent,” Bryce added.

 “Oh, by the way,Tom, during our break I radioed the Kenya Game Commission and reserved a elephant permit. We will stop there when we return to Nairobi in a few days. All is good,” I said.

 “Thank you, Bwana K.” Tom said. “Oh, you’re right, this is really good. Kudu tastes like beef,” he added.

 “Yes, Bwana Tom, and thank you all,” Modjaji said as she entered tent to continue serving. “And leave room for chocolate cake. I be told it is Bwana Tom favorite,” she added.

 “Oh, Jaji, you are special,” I said.


One Comment

  1. Love Jaji, I make the kudu stew here but with ostrich…………..good celebration stuff.

    Great story, Bwana K.


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