“That had to be the most amazing stunt I’ve ever seen,..”

 As I pour the wine, Bret is showing Tom some of his pictures on his digital camera. 

 “Bret, it looks like you took some great pictures. I’m sorry we had to leave you and Dan behind as we moved closer to the herd. Could you still see ok?” I asked.

 “Yes, with my telephoto lense, I was able to take pictures and video from our position. We were still up the ridge a little. We had a great view,” Bret said.

 “Good, I’m glad. I’d like to see the video later. Did you get the part when Makali stood up as the bull ran toward us?” I asked.

 “Oh, yeh. We had no idea what he was doing,” Bret said.

 “That had to be the most amazing stunt I’ve ever seen,” Miles said. “Are Makali and Benga back yet?” he asked.

 “Just got back, and they are weighing the tusks now,” I answered. 

 As I finish pouring Tom’s glass, “I’d like to offer a toast of congratulations to Bwana Tom. It was a great hunt and you made two really excellent shots under pressure.”


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