“You got us dirty today Chuck, and we do have a lady among us,”

 After my shower, I write some notes in my diary, then head to the dining tent. I am the first to arrive. Modjaji is setting the table with fresh flowers as I walk through the net flap at the entrance. She sees me and gives me her pretty smile.

  “Hujambo, Bwana Charles,” she said.

 “Habari za jioni (good evening), Modjaji,” I replied. “You are setting another beautiful table,” I added.

 “Ndio Bwana (yes). Asante. I hear had good day, yes?” she asked.

 “Yes, Jaji. Maybe biggest tembo we’ve ever seen. Tom did well. You must call him Bwana Tom tonight,” I said smiling.

 “Yes, Bwana K. To honor him, tonight I make stew from kudu Bwana Tom shoot two day ago.” Jaji said.

 “Oh, how very thoughtful of you,” I said. “He will be thrilled.” I added.

 “Oh, Jaji, before others get here. I want you to know, Miles, Bryce, and myself will be standing watch outside your tent for the next fews nights. No worries,” I said.

 “Thank you Bwana,” she said as she touched my shoulder. “I still a little scared.”

 “Don’t worry, we’ll be just outside,” I said. 

 Miles and Tom walk in together laughing. Bryce is just behind with Bret and Dan.

 “Welcome and good evening. We all look a little cleaner than earlier,” I said.

 “Yes,” Miles said. “You got us dirty today Chuck, and we do have a lady among us,” he added smiling.


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