“You are now, Bwana Tom. Congratulations, again,” I said.

It is about an hour before dusk as we arrive back into camp. Entering camp, Makali and Benga start their ceremonial chant. Miles, Bryce, and I joined in. To the surprise of our guests, Makali and Benga put Tom in a camp chair, and start carrying him around the camp with everyone clapping and cheering for the brave warrior. We always do this ceremony when a hunter kills one of the ‘Big Five’. I hand him a mug of Tusker lager, as they lower him back to earth.


 “You are now, Bwana Tom. Congratulations, again,” I said.

“Thank you, all,” Tom said with a huge smile.

“I got it all on video,” Bret said.

“Tom, Makali and Benga will go back and do some surgery on your bull. We then will weigh the tusks and know how big he really is,” I said.

“I just can’t believe any of this,” Tom said.

“Well, it was really an adventure. Let’s all take a break and meet for dinner at dusk,” I said.

“Thanks again, Charles,” Tom said.

“Welcome, Bwana Tom. See you at dinner,” I said, as I started for my tent.

 After crawling and stalking through sand, wet grass, and mud, a quick shower is on my agenda. Benga is in charge of keeping the water bag filled in my shower tent. He knows my habits, and has everything ready to go. The water will be a little cold, but it will feel good to be clean.



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