“I just love this…”

“You did so very well, Tom. Congrats, again. Let’s start back to camp,” I said.


 As we start the one hour walk back to camp, I don’t think Tom’s feet are even touching the ground. He is so excited. I’m very excited for him, and I’m so relieved that it turned out safely for all. I admit, it got a little hairy a couple of times. Makali is out in front watching as we head back in formation. I still have simba on my mind, but for the first time in years, I pull out my harmonica and strike up a quick “Oh Suzanna”. I can’t believe I still can remember it. The second time through, Miles and Bryce joined in the chorus. It is another great day in paradise. I just love this.


One Comment

  1. Want more, toooooo short. What’s going to happen next………….where is Simba??????? Can’t wait for more!!!!!


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