“Definitely one of the biggest we’ve ever seen..”

“Let’s go see what ya’ got,” I added. 


The bull lay only 20 yards from us. It is massive, definitely one of the biggest we’ve ever seen.

 “What do you think Makali, Miles?” I asked.

“Easy 100 pounder,” Miles answered.

“Yes, Bwana. Bigger, I think,” Makali said.

“Well, let’s take some photos and then let Makali and Benga do their thing.” I said.

“Yes, Tom, we have a scale to weigh the tusks back in camp,” Bryce said.

“Dan, would you mind taking a picture of me with Miles, Bryce, and Bwana K?” asked Tom.

“No, man. You bet,” answered Dan.

“Then, I sure want one with just us three. Man, the guys at the office will never believe this,” Tom said.

“How’d that gun feel, Tom?” asked Bret.

“I don’t even remember pulling the trigger,” Tom answered smiling.

 I patted him on the back again. 

“You did so very well, Tom. Congrats, again. Let’s start back to camp,” I said.


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